My Miracle

It was a Sunday night and my husband works night shift as a sheriff deputy.  This specific night, we got in an argument about him not going to church like he used to or how we needed to have more of a Christian family life.  He was so mad that he did not want to go to work that night.  Well, off to work he went and there was a call on his radio for an ambulance.  He is just a deputy; however, it was just a block away so he made the call.  There laying on a floor was a man not breathing.  He administered CPR with the man's wife and got him to start breathing again.  The reason why I believe this was a miracle is because God was trying to tell him that he does need to get his life straight. Out of no where, we had the argument about church and unfaithfulness then he got a call to save a man that was a Baptist PREACHER.  Is that a coincidence or what.  And when the man's wife saw a cross pin on my husband's uniform, she also thought that God sent him and that he was suppose to be there.  It was like several miracles that happened in that specific night.

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