More Ways Than One

i wont say i never believed,but i didnt worry or depent on god-thought i could do anything on my own.was in fights every day,smoked weed,buttons and just started xperimenting other drugs,i was not yet addicted but on my way getting there,was always armed with a knife....i thank GOD 4 not giving up on me and giving me parents that never stopped praying 4 me,in 1999 i was in a accident with a gospel singers wife,BILLY PAULSON,he was also that time radio kingfishers manager-gospel radio station in the EASTERN CAPE,i was in a coma 4 2weeks(blood,water and swelling on the brains)was told i was given only 2hrs 2 live,my mom and aunt prayed and as soon as they ended prayer with amen doctor came in and said that my injuries r busy going away-praise god 4 the power of prayer,my leg was 2 b amputadet but my mom refused saying god does not heal half,i had 2 broken ankles so was in a wheelchair 4 a long time-had operations all the time,then walkd with crutches untill june 2001,in icu my mom touchd my hands as i sort of woke up 4 the 1st time,i spoke but she couldnt make out what i was saying-after a couple of minutes i held my hand out again and when she touched it i pushd her hand away saying GOD was touching me-i am completely healed,all praise and glory 2 the king of kings

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