The Heron
In 07 my life was in a horrible shape. I had just divorced from a long term marriage and did not want the divorce. I went through numerous surgeries and a lupus sufferer at that. I was also bombarded with medical bills and trying to get my name off my old house. My life was one big problem and would have been happy just to pass on. Then on a cold December day I went out to my mom's car with the aid of a walker because off all my knee surgeries. I was waiting for her in the passenger seat. I was overwhelmed with my problems and questioning God's existence. I prayed that if he were really in my life to show me a sign. My mom came out to the car and as we pulled out the driveway there was the largest white bird sitting on the roof of our house. I had never seen a bird liked it and thought it might have been a stork. My mom corrected me and said it was a heron. I asked her if she had ever seen one before and she said only in books. So neither of us had ever seen one our entire lives until this point when I was at my lowest point and asked God to show he care. My mother completely agreed it was sent from God. Then the bird flew off with the largest wing span just like an angel.

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