The Tornado

I live in Ringgold, GA, one of the cities that was hit by the April tornadoes in 2011. No one expected a tornado to come through... Especially in a place surrounded in mountains with one of the safest lanscapes in Georgia. Well, my stepmom was sitting by herself in the upstairs living room when she heard a clear voice. "Get into safety, NOW." She said that she immediately got her daughter and hiked it down into the closet. As she was closing the door, she heard a sound like a train and the roof was gone. The door then swung closed as if a mighty hand slammed it. They ended up having to bust the door down to get out. When she got out she looked around and the house had been destroyed. The fire department said that it was a miracle that they didn't get crushed and that something had to have been holding the closet area together. The car was totaled, and they just dozed the house a couple weeks ago, which was september 25th. But I spoke to her a few days ago and she says every day she thanks got for saving her life.

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