Stroll Down the Lane

The first miracle I had was when I was ten years old, I broke my leg playing football which resulted in my leg being half an inch shorter than the other and it had very little muscle tone which made it look deformed this was in 1960.
My friends at school made fun of me in the way I was walking and I was eliminated from all sport especially football which I loved dearly.  I started praying in a desperate manner to God to make my leg grow and return to normal.   We lived on a small farm in the country and on this day I went for a short stroll up the lane as I was not able to walk very far as I became exhausted when all of a sudden I became aware that my once slow steps had become quicker, I seemed to be able to move more freely but as the lane was uneven I was not aware that my leg had actually grew only that it had become nearly as strong as my right leg.  As I walked into the farmyard it was then that I knew that my leg had grown back to normal and that God had come and answered my prayer.  Words would never explain how I felt, the joy that filled my young life was overwhelming.  I can only given thanks to God for answering the prayer of a simple ten year old country lad.

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