Miracle of the Car 
By: martha@kempke.com

I was having a bad year and had to declare bankruptcy in October of 2007.  Iwas paying for a truck at the time but my lawyer told me to quit paying and she said that they would repose it but it might be several months.  So I began to save money to buy a vehicle.  I had a male friend at church that said he would help me find a good car when the time came.  In February of 2008 I had saved enough money and had three cars to look at on a Saturday.
The person who said he would help would not call me back and I just decided that I would have to go on my own, but I thought if I bought a car that day I didn't want to drive my truck and have to go back and get it later.  So I called a friend and asked if she would drive me to the dealership.  She said yes.  About an hour later he called back and said that her parents were getting rid of a car and they said I could have it for free.  What a blessing but there is more to the story.  When my friend came to the house she asked where by truck was and I said it should be in the driveway.  My truck has been reposed the night before and I was never without a car.  God is good all the time

No More Pain

In 1997 I was at work and all of sudden I could not walk for more than a few feet without being in severe pain.  I went to the doctor and found I had a bad disc.  He said he didn't want to do anything drastic at that time and a friend gave me a wheelchair to use.  About a month later the doctor said he wanted to give me a lumbar injection.  I was not looking forward to it.  It was supposed to done on Wednesday and on Sunday I was prayed for by my friend at the prayer rail at church  The next day I had no pain have not had any serious back or leg pain in over 13 years.  God is the God of miracles.


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