The Accident
Three days ago, I was driving my car to go and see my girlfriend.  It was raining all day. I had my friend and his friend in the car with me. The car in front of me was going a little under the speed limit so I got on the opposite side of the road to go around him. When I passed the car I was doing 110 MPH and cut back over on the right side of the road. I lost control of my car. I hit the hill on the side of the road and my car became airborne and did a back flip in the air. It landed on the roof of the car and started to roll side ways. On the second roll my head came out the driver side window and the car was still rolling. I was trying to pull my self back in the car before it got back around to my side of the car. I could not pull myself back in and then I feel like a hand push me back in the car milliseconds before my head was crushed by the car. My car did 1 1/2 back flips in the air and rolled 5 times. By the grace of God, me and my friends managed to get out of the car while it was up side down and none of us had any injuries besides a few minor scratches from crawling out of the car

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