My First Miracle 

The year was 1996 and I was 9. I took a 10 speed bicycle ( I am still not sure who's bike it was) for a ride. I took it around the neighborhood, up and down the block and pedaling as fast as I could, when I seen a access alley that ends into a main street with crossing traffic, thinking it was a long straight away, I would be able to go as fast as I can, and before I run into the street I would just make a quick left onto the side walk, or so I thought. I stood at the begining of the alley and began pedaling as fast as I could. As I neared the end of the alley not realzing that I was going too fast and cold not stop from colliding with cross traffic, just a few feet from the street, the bike on its own came to screetching halt, and I fell off, not forward, but to the right, as I got up I noticed a large SUV stopped on the street just before the alley way. This day could have ended badly to say the least, but God stopped my bike and the truck that would have hit me, and I walked away without a scratch, scrape or bruise. 

Now that I look back the decisions I made as kid were foolish and sometimes put me in harms way, but my Lord and Savior has always kept safe.

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