Iíve known my best friend since we were in the sixth grade. Through middle school I invited her to church and youth group countless times, but each time she had an excuse for not coming. As I began to get to know her and her family better it became obvious that her father was very against her looking into anything religious, or even discussing it. Despite the roadblock, I still offered trips to youth group and Sunday morning church clear through our four years of high school still with no luck. My senior year I decided not to push the issue but to just be open with my faith if she asked for answers. We graduated in June 2009 and were headed off to college in August. The last week we were going to see each other before going off to different colleges in different states, she texted me and said she had a question for me. What was her question? She asked if she could come to church with me the Sunday before we parted ways. After we went to church that day she has opened up and asked so many questions about Christianity and attends a religious university. We are still best friends and talk about Christianity on a very frequent basis. She is still studying Christianity but she is on the right path and thanks to God, I will quite possibly get to spend eternity with both Him and my best friend. 

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