A Friend
By: lisa.march@shaw.ca
My name is Amber and I’m 17 years old. Back when I was about 11 years old I went to a Bible camp. I was at the awkward stage of feeling ugly and I was pretty much an outcast. No one wanted anything to do with me, I didn’t know ANYONE. Every night Id fall asleep crying…”This is supposed to be my fun summer and I have no one to share it with. I wanna go home.” Well, the next night I stayed up and said “ God, You brought me to this camp for a reason, I have no friends, no one to help me through this, please send me someone. The next day as usual I went swimming then went to go sit on some swings. About 5 minutes later this girl came up, looked at me and sat down beside me. “ Are you Amber?” she said…”Yes I am” I replied. She just kept looking at me and then asked if I wanted to go paint in the church for a while. We hung out everyday after that and would sit on the cabin stairs at night talking about God. I finally mustered up the courage to ask “ How did you know my name a few days ago? No one knows me here”.

She looked at me and it seemed she was about to cry. “ I saw you and, God told me that you were alone and needed to be helped, he said your name was Amber”. I was completely baffled.

So, anyway the day came to say goodbye and I frantically ran around trying to find “ Sammy” to show her off to my mum and say “ look I made a friend and shes wonderful!!” But she was nowhere to be seen.

So I asked my camp advisor Christy where Sammy had gone. “ Sammy?” She says…”Yeah, my friend, the girl with the brown hair that I used to play with”. She looked at me and my parents for a few seconds before

Taking me by the hand to the big oak tree. She whispered “ Amber, I don’t want you to be confused but, Sammy………. ….Sammy stopped coming to Sagitawa  a while ago. “Why ?” I asked. “Sammy was in a car crash 4 years ago, she isn’t alive anymore”

I was too young to really understand what was going on, but from then one I honestly believed God had sent me a friend from Heaven.

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