My Mom's Miracle

Let me share my miracle with you.
It's a long story so I will summarize as best as I can.
My mother is 91 and this summer she had pneumonia and was aspirating 100%. She was being treated for the pneumonia and after one week her doctor of 10 years finally told us there was nothing he could do to make her well or keep her well and that he felt we should put her on hospic...and so we did. July 24...............and on August 13 (FRiday) I brought her home. Doctors said she would live two weeks at the most. I was so heart broken. Every time I would feed her and she took a bite and didn't aspirate I would say "Thank you Jesus for helping mom to not choke." I mean every bite or swallow and it started in very small increments but, she began to improve daily and was removed from hospic October 24. She no longer met their criteria. Thank you Jesus. 
Keep in mind in March 2010 she had a test that was done with Imaging..sorta of like an X ray. 
It showed then that her aspiration was moderate. 

Then in July when she had pneumonia the imaging showed 100%.

The imaging done last week showed NO aspiration! Nada NONE!

It just confirmed what I already knew. She is doing well and I give God the praise everyday for healing her. 
Sorry my story was so much for making a long story short..LOL I know it's a miracle everyday when we wake up and can breath, walk and talk. But this one was different for me. Amazing.!! She will be 92 February 9th.

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