Five Stories


Give Thanks and Praise to Our Father God.

When I was 21 years old I had contracted a lung virus.  I suffered with trying to breathe and multiple doctors and medications they just could not treat it and so by the end of 3 months I yet muster up the courage to see yet another doctor. Dr. Gallo..he took one look at me and in 5 minutes he had me admitted into the hospital in Winsted Conn.  They took chest x-rays and by this point one lung was totally filled and the other lung was half filled...When the doctor saw these x-rays he couldn't believe I was still standing  and had them repeat the x-rays...he then had them place me next to the nurses station and an check on me continually.  He knew I was dying and once again no test could identify the germ.  He started pumping in me 500 ml of antibiotics every hour.  I had oxygen that was forced into my lungs and I had breathing treatments. He held off placing me on a ventilator or suctioning my lungs out till the 3 rd day and nothing had changed and I was getting worse. He told me tomorrow we will have to do these things and by this point I was so weak and in so much pain I just couldn't care.  All I could think of was my baby and my husband.  I knew i was dying and that night...I was praying to God out loud I was so sick that i couldn’t even cry and said Father God I just can't take anymore, my body is dying, I am nothing but skin and bones, and I asked him to please take care of my son, I love him so, I said Father God take me home I'm yours and I stopped fighting. My insides were twisting in agony I was bent in half couldn't breathe.   I saw a man in a long black robe by my door and all I could think of was they sent a priest to give me my last rites I still do not know who this man was only that someone else came up beside him and took him by the arm and said don’t' go in there, I do not know who this man was either.  I know it sounds like I was hallucinating but I was totally clear.  Then all of a sudden I felt a warm sensation start at my toes and then up my legs, it was gentle and warm and I wasn't afraid at all...then it kept traveling up to my head.  I had a dream i was in a field of white flowers and heading for this stone wall that had an opening in it and as I got closer I saw more and more people all happy and chatting and then there was this little girl at the entrance and she was waiting for me and as i started to walk towards her...the next thing I knew I was wake in the hospital bed the next day and I sat up, I was still very tired and hurting but when the nurse came in - out of my mouth I told her just as calm as could be...My lungs are all cleared and she thought I lost my mind and for the life of me I do not know or understand why i said this just that I knew it was true...So they called the doctor and told him I was acting loopy now talking that way... Dr. Gallo came in and I said I died last night and went to this beautiful place but I didn't get to stay and next thing I knew i woke up here and I knew my lungs were cleared.  At this point he was going to sedate me and put me on a venerator.  Then he sat down on the bed besides me and said let me listen to your lungs...He sat up straight and shook his head and he said "Kid I have been a doctor for 30 years and I have never seen anything like this."  My lungs were totally clear. He made them rush me down to the x-ray and it showed my lungs totally healed and he once again sent me back down for he said that's impossible and the next set showed all clear.  I spent another 5 days in the hospital to put some weight back on me but I had no more breathing treatments or oxygen in my nose...I never coughed anything out...I know God was in control and whatever he deemed best is how it should be. 
God is always with me with us all.  Once when I died when I was 4 - flat lined and I remember suffocating to death and what that felt like to leave my body and go to the Father.  I remember it like it just happened to me.
When i was 19 on my way to pick up my son at day care and two blocks before I crossed an inter section I heard a voice in my heart tell me Linda put on your seat belt and I just did it..I never wore a seat belt in my life and sure wasn't thinking to do that..I just got out of school I had to pick my son up and get him dinner, then go play on a volley team in 2 hours....what happened was at rout3 6 and 63  Watertown Conn. a drunk diver at rush hour ran the red light and hit me and I had head injuries and i was paralyzed. i was ICU for almost 2 weeks...i was told i would never walk again. If i didn't have my seat belt on I would of died gone through the car was totally smashed it took them 45 minutes to cut me out.  the car seat was mangled.   and here's the weird part there was an ambulance and the new jaws of life in  line behind me....I know it sounds impossible but there they were....And Thank God my son was' t in the car he was just a mile up the road at Joshua Day care. It took me 5 years to learn to move again and though I have issues it was a miracle I recovered like I did. I can walk.
Then when I was 24 I was told I had cancer and they rushed me in like 5 days to operate...I was so scared and I asked God please send me sign I am going to be ok.  by the third day of knowing I was crying and it had snowed and iced over and i stepped out onto the porch and again I asked God please show me a sign...and on the mail box the kind when you have many boxes in a big metal case...on the side written in the snow and iced over was JESUS SAVES. at that moment I knew and a peace filled me and I wasn't scared any more.  My operation took 9 hours and by the second day I was so sick...and had so many tubes and needles...that day I just wanted to die was horrible and i woke once and a man was holding my hand and I knew he had been there all night with me...I thought it was the doctor but he said no it wasn’t' him...It had to be my angel. i was so peaceful in the morning. renewed in mankind and life.  
I am very aware of God and all he does for us all.  I know there is life after here..not like we know here…but we live on.  We are all accountable for what we do here.  What we say what we do how we handle ourselves.  All that happens is for a reason and no matter what in the end God comes out on top. Love always conquers evil…And that is what God is pure LOVE.  


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