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By: lilsan32046@peoplepc.com

First, I'd like to start off by thanking God for giving me the idea to look & see if there might be any web-sites that showed miracles.  I searched & found this site.
I've had so many of them, but the one that really stands out in my mind is the one that happened in January, 1991.
In September, 1990 I had moved to Hollister, Ca.  The "Church on San Juan Road" pastored by Bill Habing, had invited me to move there.  After much prayer, I did.   They housed many farm workers & homeless people.  I chose to live at the "Green House", where they housed homeless families, most of which were Hispanic.
They had alot of problems there amoung the people,  Bickering & arguing, disobeying the "no alchohol" rule.   Well after a few months, because I took my eyes off of Jesus & concentrating on how to solve the relational problems, I no longer felt Jesus walking beside me.  One night I prayed & asked the Lord to help me feel His Presence once again.  The very next day, Josie, a young 15 year old was visiting, Michelle, one of the residence.  Michelle called me into the room so that I could pray for Josie's back.  Just under her right shoulder blade, she had a lump the size of a fist.  I put my hand on it, and I got the impression that she needed to forgive someone who used to hit her on the back.  So I asked, and sure enough, her ex-boyfriend had.  I asked if she had forgiven him, and she replied, "no".   I explained how Jesus wanted us to forgive everyone who harms us, just as our sins have been forgiven.  She accepted; facing her, I reached behind with my left arm & placed my hand on the lump.  After a while, I couldn't feel the bump any more.  I thought I had moved my hand, so I felt her back and found it, and continued praying.  Then I couldn't feel it again.  So I felt her back again, and this time, I couldn't find it.  Unbeknowest to me, the lump had been shrinking right under my hand.  I just began to thank Jesus, jumping up & down, screaming, "Thank you Jesus" over and over.
After I calmed down, I returned to the table & continuing cutting my carrots & potatoes, I needed for the stew I was making for dinner.  As I sat there, I remembered that I had asked Jesus to let me feel His Presence once again, just the night before.  In this case the Lord made 2 miracles out of one.
I'm just an ordinary person, don't possess any powers of healing, but I serve an awesome God, who listens when His children talk to him.

Do you have a miracle story that you would like to share?
Please mail it to me and I will post it on this site.
Thanks for stopping by.
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