A Tornado Took My Baby
By: lilackisses230293@btinternet.com
It was about 7 years ago when  I was on holiday in Kansas.  I had just had a baby and was visiting my aunt. I  had just come out of the hospital when a gust of wind was heading my way. With no experience of hurricanes I thought nothing of it. Later on, I was hanging up some washing with my baby in my arms when the wind got stronger. I heard some people screaming run its coming. I moved some sheets out of the way so I could see when it was too late my baby had gone. and it all went black.  When I awoke all I could think about was my baby. A week later I went to my aunt's church. I prayed to the lord to protect my baby. As I went outside through the park which would lead to my aunt's house I heard a cry from the bushes. I looked and hallelujah my baby was safe with not a scratch on her. I think the lord saved her that day.

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