The Miracle
                     of the Roses

I have always had a special love for Our Lady and as a child would make my own May Altar until one day a carpenter friend saw my devotion and built me an altar of wood. He painted it in white with blue trim in honor of Our Blessed Mother. I was happy as a clam and decided to keep it on my dressing table throughout my childhood filled with Flowers of the Season. I also remember a neighbor who had a beautiful rose bush that hung over in our yard as well. I would pick some roses from his bush that hung over in our yard for my May Altar to give to Our Lady as a gift. One day this neighbor saw me clipping some of the roses from his bush and he was furious. He began to yell at me in another language and I could not understand him but knew that he was furious that I clipped some of his roses due to his reaction. Well, I knew that mere words could not express my feelings nor could he understand me. So I ran to my room, picked up the altar and the statue of Our Lady that I had received for my First Holy Communion. I showed him this and he grew quiet. He went inside his house leaving me standing there holding the altar and the statue. In a few minutes as I turned to go to my room, his young daughter came out and began to speak to me. She said her father told her to tell me that I have the pick of his rose bush. You see the side of the bush where I picked from had very few roses on it. The man's daughter, knowing this, told me that when the roses run out on my side, just to let the family know and they will pick some from the front of the bush. Well, the roses never seemed to run out and it would appear as though the growth of roses on my side of the fence were more numerous than that of the entire bush. I was pleased and kept Our Lady's altar filled with roses all summer long!

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