God Hears Prayers
By: Leilani_DeGuzman@abs-cbn.com

It has been my practice to bring my son, a grade 2 pupil  to school everday and wait for their recess before I go to work.  Before I leave him in school, I always tell him "God bless you and may Jesus protect you always."   

Yesterday, I almost forgot to do this.  I already bid goodbye to my son and I was already a few blocks away from their school when I remembered I haven't done it yet (it may seem routinary but I always do this).  I immediately went back to their school and luckily he was still near the school gate and so I gave him my parting words. 

At dismissal time, my son ran away from his nanny (my nephew's wife) and crossed the street alone.  A van is running fast toward his direction and my niece hurried to the middle of the street to be able to save my son.  The van was only an inch away from my niece and my son but fortunately the van's driver was quick to step on his brakes.  Mothers who witnessed the incident said it was quite impossible for my niece and son not to be hit by the van.  It's as if somebody shielded them from the accident. 

Upon learning the story, it came to my mind that God really hears and grants prayers.  I thank God for making me realize that miracles really do happen. 

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