A Message In A Dream
By: LDYHOMBRE01@aol.com

I had been sick for what seemed like forever.  For a week I couldn't keep anything down, food or liquid.  I would make countless trips to the bathroom to be sick,  but just didn't want to go to a doctor, thinking it was only the flu.   Finally one night, my husband said "this is it, you're going to the hospital."

We arrived at the emergency room shortly after midnite.  There were no other patients, so I was taken in quickly.  I explained to the doctors and nurses what had been happening in the past week, and they all agreed that I probably had the flu, and that I was seriously dehydrated.  They admitted me to the hospital, and began to run tests on me.
Being half way "out of it",  I knew I had to drink a chalky solution, but also knew that it would not stay down.  I agreed to let them put a tube down my nose, into my throat so that they could pump in the liquid.  That was my entry into torture.  As they maneuvered the tube up through my nose, I know that people in the street could hear me screaming.
"Jesus!  Help Me!"  I screamed, with tears spilling down my face.  One of the nurses told me to be calm, that it would be over in just a few minutes, but that did not help.

The nurses took blood from whatever vein they could reach.  I was taken to X-ray, had an ultrasound done on my abdomen, and an MRI.   The results were that my gall bladder, spleen, kidneys,were all swollen and inflamed.  For an unknown reason, my organs were shutting down.   At about 5 am that morning, the doctor in charge of the
Emergency room came to me, and I will never forget the look in his eyes as he took my hand and said, "Good luck".  This man knew I was dying and didn't know how to express it!

I prayed.  I talked to God and told him, that if I died that day in the hospital, it would be alright.  I knew that Jesus was my Savior, I believed in Him, and I would open my eyes in Heaven.

I spent two weeks in the hospital,  unable to move from my bed,  I had serious bouts of vomiting, and not wanting to soil the bed, often made a commotion reaching for the bedpan or small tub on the table beside the bed.  I was unable to even move to the bathroom,  and the nurses were getting upset that I was not taking care of myself as I should.  I did not begin to feel any better, with the constant flow of nurses in and out of the room to take blood, or at night to check to see if I was sleeping well.  It sounds funny now, how can you sleep when someone turns on the overhead light  to ask if you're sleeping??

One night I seemed to wake up, and I could barely see two white figures at the foot of my bed.  They were talking, and one said to the other "she's not getting any better, she has had a seizure."  I felt myself falling back to sleep, and it seemed to me that I saw a book, opened, and on the page was the number 116.  Just as I started to completely fall asleep, I noticed that the book had Golden edges around the pages.

The next morning a doctor came to tell me that I had contracted a strong case of food poisoning.  I also had E coli in my system, but everything was clearing up and I would be able to go home the next day.

I couldn't get the dream of the book out of my mind,  the golden pages had to be in the Bible.  For some reason I kept feeling the message had to do with Psalms.

When I got home that afternoon, and settled in, I found my Bible and turned to Psalms 116.   What I found there both amazed me and gave me great comfort.  Proof that God listens, and that He knew me and knew my trouble and delivered me.

Psalm 116
Thanksgiving for Deliverance from Death

I love the Lord because he has heard my voice and my supplications
Because He has inclined his ear to me  (1&2)

The pains of Death surrounded me, and the pangs of Sheol laid hold of me.
I found trouble and sorrow.  Then I called upon the name of the Lord,
"O Lord, I implore you, deliver me".  ( 3&4)

For you have delivered my soul from Death, my eyes from tears,
and my feet from failing.  (8).

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