I was in labor with my first child, at 40 years old, I had took all precautions and had diabities. I stayed with the program and was anticipating my child! Everything was going good, I dilated to 10 in one hour! All, of the sudden, I could not breathe, I kept throwing my arms around , shaking my face and saying..No, I can't breathe! No, one knew what to do! I was suffocating!. I told myself to settle down, I will not die! They had 6 Doctors in the room and no one knew how to get me to breathe! All, I kept saying to myself was, I am not going to die, please God NO! I said it over and over again. I was told I was dead for a few seconds, At, one point I did see something, Jesus, just a hand shake away, I looked right at him and said NO! It was a very peacefull  experience, I saw a lot of light and it was very surreal. He did not try to take me, it was up to me, I felt. I knew, he would always be there, I just wanted some time with my baby and I was going to fight! Then I woke up, had a baby boy! Believe me , it's hard to say No to Jesus, but I think he understood! The Nurses asked me what I was saying No to, I said Jesus!

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