The Ultrasound
I have to say Heavenly Father is truly amazing! The way he works is astounding, my miracle(s) were subtle yet powerful. When I was eight months pregnant with my third child, I went in for an ultra sound.  A few minutes along, the lady doing the ultrasound started to worry some but did not say anything and sent me home. The next day my Dr. Called me and told me to come back in for another ultrasound because they noticed something wrong with my baby's spine. Again, something was wrong, the Dr. Sent for another ultrasound and he was concerned that his spine was exposed and would cause my baby extreme difficulties. The night before my next ultrasound I prayed ever so humble to Heavenly Father to make sure my son would be o.k. The next day, the ultrasound showed nothing. The radiologist and the Dr. were dumbfounded. Isaac was born healthy where his lower spine is, was a bright red birth mark where the spine had been sticking out in the ultrasound. I have been to church regularly since and know God is real!!

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