Dreams Really Do Come True
By: julie.patronas@cityofmobile.org

I lived in Germany when I was a year old because my father was in the Army.  My mom had a dream one night that she was in the kitchen cooking breakfast.  She opened  the window to let the sausage smell air out, and went to call my dad to eat.  Upon returning to the kitchen, I was in the window sill.  It scared her because there were no screens on the windows and she screamed.  When she did, it scared me and I fell out the window....we lived on the 4th floor.  Instantly I was killed upon impact.
The next morning, she was cooking breakfast, and opened the window.  She called my dad, and then noticed me in the window sill.  She new from her dream not to scream and as my father came in the kitchen, he came up behind me and grabbed me.

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