God's Hands on the Wheel
By: judy@ukunqoba.co.za
My husband and I were travelling back home from the city central on a rainy day.  As we approached a bridge that ran over the highway, our car started to spin out of control. We were just being flung from one side to the other side of the bridge.  And I immediately said “GOD if you are going to throw us off this bridge do it now, or save us without a scratch.

When our car stopped we were at the end of the bridge, we spun all the way down.  Here’s the miracle, there were other cars on the bridge, we did not bang into any of them, and when we jumped out of our car, we had to look for the dents or damages to our car, because there was not even a scratch after all that banging.  Also on that day we decided at the last minute that we would leave our 7 month old baby with her grandma, should she have been there she would not have managed to control her neck in the car seat. We were just a little shaken.  My husband started our car and continued safely home.

My GOD is awesome.

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