Healed by the Holy Spirit to Music
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My mum was the 2nd eldest of 8 children, who were and still are dedicated to family and church. They werent all that wealthy, and with only papa working, it was enough for them to live on. Papa was a devoted catholic who married mama, a protestant (congreational christian church of samoa). Mum and her brothers and sisters were all bought up Protestant. Now whether they came from different religion backgrounds, their faith was grounded in One God, One Jesus. 
A gifted family and so loved, there was soooo much love for music, attending church and youth choirs, during family prayer time, wherever, music and prayer was what kept them going and happy. 
One night as they were preparing for bed, prior to prayer being said, mums youngest brother of 6years, was coughing irritably. He had been sick with the flu for a couple of weeks, but never thought it was this worse. (After several visit to the doctors, they'd confirmed he'd contacted meningitis). He almost woke up the whole village, with his constant cries and cough. 
Early hours of the morning, mama and papa and mum couldnt stand it any longer. After numerous of massaging and herbal medicine, it didnt seem to cool down his sickness, it gradually became worse. Mama felt so hopeless and couldn't think of anything else. Papa, being Catholic, grabbed lil Tu, and could only think of one place, The Sr's of the Poor Mapuifagalele, Vailele, Samoa. Now, since the main hospital was so far in town, and there was hardly any taxi cabs around, they - mama, mum and papa holding lil Tu in his arms - set on foot as quick as they can to the nuns. 
It was about 2am and upon their arrival, they could see only the light in the santuary of the chapel on, and everywhere else was dark and quiet. After several quick knocks, a nun came to the door. She took pity to mama and papa and the little boy they were holding. Lil Tu was unseeminly breathless and his eyelids were twittering, his eyes starting to roll upwards. His mouth was open, with bits of white saliva coming out. He was sooo skinny, and looked like he was going to die. 
The nun, didnt hesitate to take them in, she called the other Sisters to bring holy water, something mum used to see papa's sisters use to bless themselves with when they went to church in Vaimoso. 
They laid down Tu on a bed, his body so lifeless, it actually looked like he was going to die. As the nun did the sign of the cross, muttering words (prayer), she sprinkled the Holy Water over Tu. At that moment he was beginning to twitter and wouldnt keep still, the nuns prayers started to be louder. In a few minutes, all was quiet. The nun ended her prayer with the sign of the cross. When her eyes opened, she smiled as she watched Tu sleep peacefully. Mum was still for a moment. She felt something happened. it was a good feeling, so did mama and papa. It felt like, a heavy burden had just been lifted off their shoulders. 
Later on the nun and mums parents chatted for awhile, and stated that lil Tu had a gift, and that he'll one day grow up to be a great musician. 
They left that morning and walked back home...
Now, in his late 40s, uncle Tu is the Director For Music in their Congretation Pentecostal Church in Samoa, America Samoa, USA, New Zealand and Australia. He is a dedicated devout christian to his church through music. His daughters are gifted musicians too, who have already released various albums of Christian music and still continue to make music...
If it weren't for the nuns prayers and the healing he received those so many years ago, he'll never be here today. Now although he didnt turn out catholic, mum's the only one of all her sisters and brother to convert to catholic, taking on papa's religion.
The gift of music continues to flow through our generation as we continue to make music to our Lord :) 


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