My Toddling Miracle
On Father's Day 2001, my husband had the kids. We were separated at the time and since it was Father's Day, I took the kids to him. I went out to a local theme park with a friend. We have three kids Dylan 4, Alexis 2, and Whitney 1. While I was gone, I kept seeing an ambulance in my mind. I didn't know why but I just did. I rode all the rides that day and we were getting ready to ride the last one and I told my friend we better go ahead and go. The whole way home she kept asking me why I was so quiet and I didn't know I just had a really bad feeling (like something was wrong). We got closer to the house and my chest got tighter and tighter, I figured it was because my husband would be there and I was worried about if we would get along or not. At 9:45pm, we turned the corner to my house and guess what I saw?.....THE AMBULANCE!!!!!!! They were putting someone in it. I jumped out of the still running car and took off running to it, I saw my husband and screamed which one is it, it was my baby Whitney....18 months old.
I asked him what happened and the driver said she had a seizure but they had to go now.
Without another word or another thought I got back in the car and she followed the ambulance as fast as the car would go. On the way through town, they stopped and picked up another paramedic (which happen to be my husbands uncle). They weren't sure they would even make it there with her alive. I learned that a few months later. That was our first miracle I guess, that she made it to the hospital. When they got her there they could not get her to stop seizing, they came out and told me they were flying her unstable to a local children's hospital (only 20 min away, so not bad at all). My mom had called my uncle and Whitney was put on emergency prayer lists everywhere, we prayed right there at the hospital, people I didn't even know were praying with us. As I walked to the bathroom a lady stopped me and said she was praying for Whitney too. While we were praying she stopped seizing (2nd miracle). They had an ambulance come get her from the children's hospital and she arrived there stable. She underwent a lot there and was put on a ventilator. They told us she had a fever of 104.6 and was having a complex febrile seizure.  At that point they didn't know if she would have any brain damage and we still wont know until she starts school. Three days later she was off the ventilator, and although her EEG showed signs of seizure activity, she is on Phenobarbital and has not had any since (3rd miracle). I know with all my heart as does our whole family GOD saved my baby. She seized for over 2 hours. You know what else??? My husband and I are back together too, wow 4 miracles, HOW TOTALLY
AWESOME IS OUR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
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