The Thunder Storm

Back in 2002 I had just begun going back to church. I was a science teacher, and a very skeptical one at that. I was seeking answers to the many questions I had. I always knew that I had a sort of guardian angel. Many things had happened in my life where I should have been seriously hurt or even killed. I felt confident that I would always be protected in these situations (so far I have!).

Back to the story. I was living in Atlanta where severe thunderstorms were very common in the spring. It was the night the war started in Iraq, because I remember staying up to watch the events. Around 12:30 AM, a cold front came through and I was just falling asleep with my dog and boyfriend. My bedroom was in my upstairs loft, with a skylight directly over the bed and a metal spiral staircase practically next to my head. I knew the horrors of lightning strikes from my curriculum and was paranoid of being so close to a metal lightning rod. So I grabbed my dog and headed for the stairs.

Unfortunately, I had on heavy wool socks. I moved too fast on the second step and my foot slipped out from under me. With my 17 pound dog in my arms, I turned around 180 degrees and fell down the staircase head-first and on my back. I remember screaming as I hit every stair with my knees and hips. My dog rode down the stairs on my stomach until I finally caught myself about 3 steps from the bottom. I was in so much pain that I let go of him with my other hand. He hit the carpeted floor.

I thought I smashed every bone in my legs. My boyfriend came running down the stairs and picked me up. He was a fireman and determined that I did not break a single bone. We couldn't believe what had happened.

I went to work the next day (I still don't know how) and taught. My legs bore the bruises for weeks and scars of where the skin was burned off from the friction through my pajama bottoms, still  to this day.

I was amazed that I was not injured further. But when I actually stood at the top of the stairs and tried to re-create the dymanics of the fall in the narrow steep staircase, it is obvious that it was none other than the hand of God that cradled me as my dog and I fell. I never hit my head or shoulders on the bannister. It is physically impossible to go down backwards like I did and not hit my head at least once.

All these years I thought it was my angel. I had the strong feeling that all the while it was God who was with me through all of the dangerous times. How embarrassed did I feel! For those of you who think this is a tale, put your faith in God. Ask him to come in to your life. You will be overwhelmed with the response and love that you will be shown. I am!

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