Divine Protection
By: Anonymous
A miracle happened to me years ago in 1981.   I had just gotten out of college and was working in a factory that made plastic sheeting.   I had an immediate enemy in Joe, a man who felt that since he had been working on the machines for 20 years he should have been given the engineer's job instead of some kid right out of college.   So, Joe was always making my life tough and I would pray and do my best to overcome evil with good by always trying to help him.   One day, Joe was talking to Phil, another co-worker, and while they were talking Joe was cleaning a die.  To clean off all of the old plastic from one of these dies you had to heat the die to about 400 degrees and scrape all of the old burnt plastic off with a putty knife.   I came by and asked Joe if he needed help he said "Sure, hold these" as he unscrewed some bolts from this super hot die.   Now Joe was wearing heavy asbestos gloves so that he didn't burn himself.   I wasn't thinking so I said sure and held out my hand and Joe puts these red hot bolts in my hand deliberately trying to burn me.   Suddenly, as I stood there holding these bolts I noticed that both Joe and Phil were standing there with their mouths wide open and not saying a word.   It dawned on me that they thought the bolts were hot but they didn't realize that the bolts were cool (at least that's what I thought).   So, I went to touch Joe with a bolt to show him it wasn't hot and he backed up and was ready to hit me so I just put the bolts back down and walked away and didn't think anything more of it. 

Well, about 6 months after I stopped working there the entire scene suddenly replayed in my mind one day.   I could remember the smoke rising from the die.   I remembered the thick asbestos gloves that Joe was wearing so that he wouldn't get burned because the dies (and the bolts) were heated to 400 degree for cleaning.   I remember the astonished looks they gave me.   So, I called Phil at my old employer's and asked if he remembered the incident.   He said he remembered it well and that he thought I had a cast iron hand because, while I thought the bolt was cool, it had just been removed from the die so it had to be red hot.   So, while the whole thing was happening, I was thinking that the bolt was cool and that they were mistaken but I was the one who was wrong.   The bolt was red hot when it was handed to me and it had no effect on me because God stepped in and wouldn't let the evil of the world hurt me when I was trying to do the right thing.   Whenever I have had doubts about God, I remember that incident and remember that He is always in control.

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