Miracle on a Ladder 
By: joyhardin@embarqmail.com

My miracle occurred on Dec 15, 2010, at 10:00 am.  
We have a large elm tree in our back yard, and although the limbs are not very big around, they have an extensive reach, and a portion of the tree had shaded an area where we have crape myrtle plants, which need a lot of sun.  So, I decided to get out my electric chain saw and cut those limbs back.
The limbs were too high to be reached by our 6 foot ladder, so I got the bright idea of leaning our extension ladder against the 6 ft ladder, then climbing as high as needed.
This worked great and I was able to trim back 3 limbs with no problem, and I was congratulating myself on how smart I was to have had such a brilliant idea!
I had one more limb to lop off, but it was considerably higher than the others.  I had climbed 9 ft up the ladder, and although I needed to go a little farther, I felt uneasy, so I stayed where I was and was beginning to raise my right hand with the heavy chain saw in it, when suddenly the extension ladder starting slipping to the right, then started falling backwards. I dropped the chain saw and just hung on for the ride.  We had not had rain for a month or so and the ground was like concrete.  I don't know how fast I was going when I hit the ground, but it felt like 90 mph!
I hit the ground flat on my back and the back of my head with an unbelievable force that is beyond description.  I lay there stunned, fully believing I was going to die, right there and then, in my back yard.  I was able to see in my peripheral vision where my cell phone had landed and was able to reach out, without moving anything but my right arm, and grab the phone in case I needed to call 911.  All the while I was praying that God would spare my life, and reminding him that I needed to outlive my husband so I could take care of him.  (My husband has very poor health).  
Finally, I was able to get to my knees; my head was pounding and I was sick to my stomach.  After a bit I was able to stagger into the house and lie down.  After a couple hours I felt able to get up long enough to take a couple aspirin (to ward off blood clots and relieve my headache).  I stayed in bed the rest of the day, but otherwise, other than a headache for a few days I suffered no ill effects.  NOW, the REAL miracle in all this is not so much that I survived that tremendous fall, but the fact that I am a 76 year old woman!   A fall like that could have killed or seriously maimed even a young person, but for a woman of my age to have survived wihout ANY ill effects is, in my opinion, truely a miracle!  And there is not a day that goes by that I don't thank the Lord for it.

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