God Used My Daughters to Save my Life
By: Joy_Jeffries@tac-americas.com
My family and I were on our way driving down the highway to the Gulf Coast.  My mother, brother and his girlfriend were in the car ahead of me. My two little girls (then age 5 and 7) and I were in the car behind  following them.  It was a normal sunny Saturday afternoon and I was driving along the highway at 70 mph listening to Christian music as usual.  Suddenly out of nowhere, my heart felt as if it was being crushed and being weighed down by an anchor and I started to feel very dizzy.  So, I managed to pull off the side of the highway.  At that time, my arms and face were very numb and I could not breathe very well. I was slouched over the seat and felt like my body was trying to shut off.  My girls started to ask, "What's wrong mommy?".  With the little strength I had, I said to them. " Mommy's heart hurts."  Immediately following, they both started to pray out loud asking Jesus to heal mommy and her heart.  They kept praying and wouldn't stop.  They did it all on their own!!  After that, my mother and brother who were driving ahead of me noticed I wasn't following them any longer and went back to look for me because they started to worry.  After a few minutes the pain left and I was shaken up from what had just happened.  So, my mother drove me to the nearest hospital 10 mintues away and the doctors could not find anything wrong with me or my heart.  I am thankful that God has given me angels, my daughters.  God heard their prayers and answered them .  God is so amazing!!!!


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