Miracle at the Gas Station
By: joseandres31082@hotmail.com

Around the age of 14 or 15, a went to a some town in Virginia. I was working in a golf club, working 12 hours shift.  For trying to help others I quit my job and only work for 4 days. I was living in a trailer, about 7 miles to the nearest pay phone and only had with me 10 dollars and a check for 300 that I could  not cash. After  two days  calling home and my step dad not being able to find the town a was in  ran out of money, so I also had not eaten all day but a small bag of  corn nut. It was around 7:30 pm, when a was on the phone with my step dad (speaking only in Spanish) went a man interrupt me and told me he was not heading south so he could not take me home , but that I was going to make it home  and that  god has always been with me and not to worry about a thing.  He handed me 20 dollars and got in his car with his wife, son and daughter, but did not leaved. Now the phone I was using was facing the only entrance and exit to the gas station. I was still on the phone and told my step dad where I was and hang up .  I turn around to thanks this man and his family, but they weren't there anymore. I never saw them coming in or going out of the gas station.  After a while a ask myself how was it that a had no money, that I was hungry and that I was heading south. 

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