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My mom works for a place called Hospice. They go out and tend to people who are very sick and will probably die. She goes to their houses and checks on them, calls the doctor who prescribes things, and talks to them. I would confidently say she is the best person who has happened to Hospice. She really cares about her patients, and creates bonds with them and their families. She was taking care of this old man who had some type of cancer, and they could tell from his vital signs he was really close to death. He told them he really wanted to see his grandson before he died. I guess then he would feel fulfilled and happy and ready. Everyone needs different things. So sometime after he saw his grandson he fell asleep and he woke up in the night. At the foot of the bed, he said, was God, in his robes, and he was just there, and he just knew, with God there, that he was ready and everything was all right. Later that night he felt a presence next to him in bed. He said "I know it was a child, because I knew who it was, Mary (his sister)." When he was little he had an older sister who died when she was nine. Her name was Mary. His family was telling him "She's dead, sweetie." He replied, "I know, but she was there." He said he felt her laying beside him, comforting him, and then he knew she would be there for him. I think he died sometime shortly after that. A day or two later. I don't know the exacts, but I do know that there is always someone with us. We may not know it until we are older and dying, we may not see it until later, but I know my father, God, is there with me. And he will be there for me when I die. And that even though we may not have experiences ourselves, no proof, no awe-inspiring stories, no way to say 'Heres the picture'; that God is there, and I may have to wait until the day that I die to give a testimony on it, but I am waiting, and I will always know who is standing at the foot of my bed.

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