The Butterfly
By: Anonymous

My mom works for a place called Hospice. They go out and tend to people who are very sick and will probably die. She goes to their houses and checks on them, calls the doctor who prescribes things, and talks to them. I would confidently say she is the best person who has happened to Hospice. She really cares about her patients, and creates bonds with them and their families. One of her patients she really loved, Ruth, was close to dying and would probably die on my mom and dad's anniversary  trip to Chicago.  My mom went to Ruth and told her she loved her, all those goodbyes. Then the night before they were leaving she had a dream that she and my dad were walking along a pathway and she saw, out of the corner of her eye, a beautiful yellow/glowy butterfly. She said she acknowledged it was pretty, then carried on with her conversation. Then the butterfly fluttered over to her, in front of her, so she couldn't be distracted from it. She looked at it for a moment, and then it turned into a gorgeous rose and shot up to heaven. My mom woke right up and looked at her clock. 5:15 am. Later that day she called the Hospice House to check on Ruth before they left, and they told her she had died that morning  at 5:15 am.
My mom  knew it was Ruth, letting her know she loved her and that she would be ok, she was going to heaven and was happy. I know Ruth loved her, and my mom really loved Ruth, and i know when my mom goes to heaven that Ruth will be one of the hundreds of people my mom has helped waiting to welcome her to heaven.

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