My Heifer

I am a UK farmer. In 1974 I had a sickly heifer who calved in a ditch. The calf was stillborn. A friend and I tied a rope around the mother's neck and pulled her out onto a bank.  I called my local veterinary surgeon who came and told me she had a broken back and needed to be put down. I had been a Christian for about 2 years at the time and I suppose rather unwisely I decided not to have her shot, but decided to believe God for a miracle. I propped her up with a bale of straw and visited her every day with half a bale of hay and a bucket of water. For 29 days I did that and I suppose if I had known more about the anatomy of a cow or how muscles work or had listened to anybody that knew anything about it, I would not have done it, especially as she was a poor heifer anyway. On the 30th day when I visited her with a half bale of hay and a bucket of water she had stood up, moved about 100 yards away to graze and never had a moment's sickness again. She was healed miraculously and completely. If God was willing to do that just for me and a sick heifer, imagine what He is willing to do for each one of us. 
Praise His Name Forevermore - Farmer John

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