Two summers ago in mid afternoon I had just got done with work and left for home. Everyday like always I pulled into the driveway and walked up to the door to be greeted by my four yr old son Mason. He is this brilliant little boy with these huge bright eyes who wears a superman suit underneath his clothes just like Clark Kent. Now when Mason was about two yrs old we had a pregnancy go into early labor and baby Jacob only lived for a short time after being born. It was a very hard time for all of us and at the funeral with this tiny little casket, which was very confusing for Mason, the saddest thing I have ever seen was Mason walk up to the casket and tell his little brother Jacob, who he had only known as the baby boy in mommy's belly, "bye baby Jacob we love you". Instantly my wife, me and several around us who could hear what he said, broke down into tears at the sound of a tiny little boy telling his brother that he loved him and goodbye forever.
I came inside the screen door and was covered with a hug before I could even say "hi buddy". Today was a little different because during the summer we would go for a walk almost everyday when I would get home but today we needed to run some errands. I told him he could come with so like always he raced to get his shoes on and went for the door to go outside and jump up in the truck. Before I could leave I needed to find Ashlee and new baby girl Reagan to let them know we were leaving and to sneak a kiss from my ladies. Since I just got home she had a few questions for me but I was a little anxious because I knew Mason had already gone outside to get into the truck, which was no big deal because he would never even go near the road. Plus this was a normal routine for him to go get himself buckled in by himself. Getting ready to walk out I kept getting caught in conversation with Ashlee, but something felt heavy in the air. I don't know how to describe it but that's just the way it felt. Then a very strange low pitched noise in the backround of the conversation was what I had heard. It almost sounded like a baby calf gasping for it's first few breaths after being born. I grew up on a farm so I knew the sound pretty well but I just figured it was a creaking door or a cat from outside, which we had tons of in our neighborhood. A few seconds later I heard it again and just felt this panic and raced towards the door. Swinging the door open I sprinted towards the truck not knowing if anything was even wrong. What I saw I will never forget.
I had a full size truck with leather electric seats that were controlled by two little buttons on the door. His seat was behind the drivers seat and there was no rear door on that side so he would squeeze between the seat and the frame of the truck. When I would get out of my truck it was habit for me to hit the forward button so that when we would leave for somewhere it was no problem for him to squeeze in.
When Mason went outside and opened the door to the truck he crawled in just like any other time. But this time while he was squeezing in he hit the button to move the seat back to driving position. Being that he is a little boy wasn't sure how to fix it so he tried to squeeze in before the seat got all the way back. 
When I first got to the truck I saw this tiny little boy who normally has this big bright smile on his face turning blue from being pinned between the seat and the frame at his neck and upper chest. Mind you that he has only been out there for two minutes but I thought for sure the worst. I instantly hit the button to release him and while it was moving I continued to push the seat forward to speed up the process. When the seat moved far enough forward his limp little body just fell into my arms. Blood vessels were burst all over his face, neck and chest. It took about ten seconds for him to come back to me but before he did I could feel this absolute whirlwind of emotions swirling in my body. Not knowing if I would have my son at the end of the day was unbearable. 
When he came to, I remember feeling this mountain of sadness just disapate but that wasn't the end. After I carried him over to the back door and sat down on the back step with him in my arms just crying like a baby. I yelled for Ashlee and continued to ask him a hundred questions. He answered them all just fine but I still had all these what if's going through my head. Could this cause a blood clot or an aneurism or anything else under the sun from being crushed with no air. We decided to take him to the emergency room just incase where they gave him a clean bill of health. 
You might think that would be the end of this, but it wasn't until I got home that I discovered some unusual things. We were home and Mason was tucked into our bed with Ashlee close by, I went out to the truck where the door had still been left open from our earlier ordeal. I wanted to know what he felt so out of curiosity I climbed into the back seat and used a stick to hit the button so the seat would move backward just like it did with Mason. I am not a small guy and I think I'm pretty strong but I put my shoulder into that seat and with every bit of my strength tried to stop that seat from moving but it was like I wasn't even there. After the seat had finished it's travel backwards I realized it was much further than it was when Mason was pinned. So for some reason it had only gone half as far as it should have and there is no way that a four yr old boy stopped that seat. Also from his position it was impossible for him  to come even close to being able to reach out and hit the button. Plus he told me that he didn't hit the button to stop it.  After the realization that for some reason the seat stopped moving on it's own I was already a little speechless, but until I put myself into the crushed position for myself I tried my hardest to let out any kind of a sound but my lungs just wouldn't let me. I still wonder how he did it. 

Me and Mason have talked about it plenty of times and he doesn't remember too much except that he was really scared but I can't help but wonder if his baby brother whom he refers to as an angel, had anything to do with it.


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