The Dune Buggy

 When I was about 17, 2 friend of mine, 1 of my brothers and myself went on a 1 day huntin trip about 80-100 miles away from any type of service or people. Everything went well. On the way back, shortly after leaving the area, my friend's sand rail (dune buggy) which we had gone in suddenly stopped.we tried unsuccesfully for about 2 hours to re-start it. Now, it was very cold and we had nothing but the clothes we had on. Nothing even to start a fire. We were unprepared. After trying to push this vehicle about 3 miles through the deep sand, we realized we were in trouble.  It was getting dark and cold. I have always had a personal strong belief in G*D. I said a small, quick prayer to myself asking G*D for assistance. A split second after asking, an idea popped into my head about how to restart the engine. It was unorthodox, but it worked. I was asked how I came up with it, but I answered nobody. I just thanked G*D for being there when I needed him, like he always has been.

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