Falling Stars
By: joelevel3@elp.rr.com

Many years later, when I still lived at my dad's I would spend nights outside looking up at the stars for hours, trying to see how many falling stars I could see. I was very fortunate. On average, I would spot anywhere between 3-7 per night. One particular night when things were not going like I thought they should be going, I was outside and for about 2 1/2 hours had not seen any falling stars. Gazing at the stars, I said to myself, G*D, I know  you're there. I would like to see something tonight. I thought for a few seconds. Being that I had not seen any falling stars that night, I then said, "G*D, I would like to see a falling star go right through those 2 stars that I am looking at. I had just finished asking for it, when a falling star went right through the 2 stars I had mentioned. It took god a millisecond to respond. Many people say it was a coincidence. I say, If that was a coincidence, so then is our births and our lives. I know better. It was no coincidence. G*D is there. Believe it.

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