The Driver's Seat

Yesterday I got lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Anyway, as I was about to take a right to turn onto a busy street. My car just turned off. Just stalled right there as I was turning.  My car was sort of sticking out into the street but not quite far enough where anyone could hit it.  So, I sat there and tried to turn my car on several times.  Then Out of NOWHERE a thought came, I looked straight ahead and I saw a sign that said "ONE WAY".  I was like woah, I cant believe I was going to turn right onto the ONE WAY street!! I could have been hit head on. Those cars were driving about 40-50 mph.  Immediately I felt as if God was protecting me and He made my car stall and not allow me to turn it back on until I realized I was turning on a one way street!  Immediately following that I tried to turn on my car again, and it started the first try!!! Then I backed up and didn't take a right, but instead went straight ahead.  That made me feel like God has His hand over me and protects me with His angels.  I do believe this was a miracle and a move by God.

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