My Miracle

I lived with a man who could never keep a job.   He hated to work.  Our rent was due but he did not have his share, counting on him to have it I didn't save anymore than my half, upset about his actions I went to my mothers house & cried.  I didn't want to call my landlord to let him know I couldn't pay the rent for 2 more weeks. I was ashamed.  As I sat at the table with her I tried to get the courage to call my landlord. This is when someone knocked at the door and just walked in  At first, I didn't recognize this person but the first thing she said was "Your guardian angel is here." and she handed my mother a little more that what I needed to cover the other half of my rent.  When she left my mother and I sat speechless because my mother babysat for this woman 4 years ago and never got paid for a months worth of babysitting until that day.
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