Diana's Army
By: jnichols13@cox.net
 Recently I met a woman who told me a wonderful story.  Diana is a paraplegic who suffered a pressure sore from sitting too long in a wheel chair.  This sore became infected and too large to heal.  She almost died from the infection and found herself in and out of hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.  In one of the most recent hospitals, the staff attempted to find a plastic surgeon who would agree to operate on this open sore and close it, permitting it to heal.  They called 17 plastic surgeons but none was interested in such a surgery.  The hospital then told Diana that they would have to discharge her to a rehabilitation facility since there was no more that they could do.  Diana told the Lord that she was ready to die.  She called a friend to come pick her up to take her to the rehabilitation facility.  She became quite frustrated and went outside the hospital entrance to await this friend.

Diana has always loved the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, and Saint Jude.  She refers to them as her “Army.”  She pictures them this way.  The Blessed Mother is behind her with her deceased daddy.  Saint Joseph and Saint Jude accompany her on each side of her wheel chair.  They are always with her on her pilgrim journey down the bumpy road of life.  They have let her know that they are there to help her “when the road gets rough.”  Diana began talking to them out loud and gesturing to them.  People going by must have thought that she was crazy.  She said to them: “Do something.  I am tired!  I am giving up!  It’s up to you.”  She trusted that they would help her in this desperate situation.

One of the staff burst out the hospital door a short time later.  “You’re not being discharged.  We have found a plastic surgeon who will operate on you!  The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.”  After the surgery, Diana met her personal doctor.  He told her that he had bumped into a plastic surgeon and made his case (about Diana) to him.  The plastic surgeon agreed to do the surgery.  Her doctor was surprised since he had repeatedly asked this surgeon to do this surgery for others but the surgeon always had turned him down.  Her doctor asked Diana how she had been able to accomplish this.  Diana told him about her talk with her “Army.”  He replied:  “I do believe in miracles!

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