God Is With Me
By: jewlzboutique@gmail.com


In 12/2008 I was suddenly "let go" from my job of 3 years doing clerical work at a law firm. The average person may have perhaps been overwhelmed but I almost had a sense of relief, although I did nothave much saved depended on unemployment benefits to live which was not very much this was the beginning of my walk with the lord and he always made a way. I always believed in God but never had an full understanding of his power and unfailing love until I let him into my heart and asked for direction I found myself facing attacks on my health and being betrayed from people I trusted with noone to turn to I could only look up to the lord for help!He softened my heart showed me how to forgive and gave me peace during the storm. With much prayer from myself and  my 10 yo son he keeps on blessing us over and over again. I just got a job after nearly three years thanks to the lord, he provided for us and always made sure my needs were met  in hindsight I know I would never would have been able to  make ends meet without the lords helping hand! In the bible it says not to worry about tomorrow those words hold true! Thank you Jesus


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