An Instant Answer
I was about 3 years old, and my two older sisters (one 12 and the other 14) thought I was really cute when I was young. And they both wanted me to sleep with me. Then they started getting silly and they both took one of my arms pulling on them, saying, "It's my turn!!" and "I want to sleep with her!" Since I was young and pretty selfish, I was enjoying the attention! My other older sister, (who was 5) enjoyed watching from the couch. Then one of my sisters pulled too hard and damaged my arm. I started screaming and crying in pain. My mom got really scared, and she started to call the doctor. I was lying down on the couch still wailing. Then my 5 year old sister touched my arm very carefully and prayed, "Dear LORD, please heal my little sister's arm." All of a sudden, I stopped in mid-cry. My mom hung up the phone and started walking toward the couch. I said, "Mommy! I'm all better! She prayed for me!!" My arm was instantly healed! From that day, I know that God is always there. And he is always answering prayers. His answer could be yes, no, or later in your life. He answers EVERYONE. Even a five-year-old girl.

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