Special Miracle Child
By: jerniquaharris@yahoo.com

I'm Jerniqua & I'm anxious to spread the word on how great Our father God is!

The day of Sept 27,1985, the doctor calculated that day that I would arrive into the world :)
God had other plans because I struggled for my life on Sept 10,1985. Beyond my mother's due date, she started having complications with her pregnancy with me. So she was rushed to the hospital where she had an Emergency C-Section. When the doctors found me, I had the umbillicol cord wrapped around my neck, I wasn't breathing. I wasn't breathing for hrs & hrs. Doctors did they're jobs by trying to awake me. The doctors were giving up. But God wasn't! Nor was my family! My Aunt kept crying & praying & praying over my small 7lbs dead body. I was hooked onto breathing machines but I wasn't becoming contious. The doctors took the breathing tubes out. The doctors finally was starting to really give up! They were prepping my death certificate.... 

BUT Somehow,some way.. I started breathing on my own! As I gained my contiousness, I was hooked onto feeding tubes where I never held down my food. I was continuously given brain medicine. My mother was told I would never walk. I was diagnosed with "Mild Cerebral Palsy."
- Since I was a little girl, I've always had to wear special shoes-
School came upon me and I was different from the other kids. 
I was featured in the newspaper (I'm believing in the 80's or 90's) I can't remember exactly Why BUT... I'm believing its from this miraculous story of surviving Or about me being handicapp. Not sure. Ever since I started going to school, I've struggled (more then others), I've been acknowledged for at least trying. Elementary school, Middle School,High School & NOW College have been & IS even more challenging for ME compared to my classmates.
I was always put in special classes because I Couldn't/Can't retain any information! I barely Graduated High School because of a strict teacher who just was being hard on his students! But by the Grace of God, I'm a HS graduate who didn't give up! I was always falling behind in my classes. I got accepted into Greiner  Middle School Academy where I was a Folklorico Dancer. I didn't do so well at my 1st HS (L.G. Pinkston High) so I transferred to Hillcrest High were I was in Multiple activities. My most memorable HS memories are DRill Team (I was featured in the school newspaper for never giving up)& -My 2004 Graduation!- I've always had to have speech classes & tutors! Still, Even now that I'm in College I have to work closely with my teachers & tutors! 
I'm in college for an Arts degree! & although I'm 24 & still haven't yet gotten my degree, I'm determined & NOT giving up,because God has a plan for me.

The doctors gave up on me, but God didn't!

When the doctors said I would never walk.. I see it Now that 

A walking miracle who's been blessed with a life that some others are not blessed with. I wonder y did he choose me to survive? After overcoming my weaknesses at birth, as years go on, I get stronger & stronger! GOD IS GOOD! He has NEVER failed me. He's pulled me through so much I don't know if all my praises are good enough! I love Him Unconditionally for what he's done for Me & Others! :) Because of Christ, I have a 2nd chance.
I've been in Newspapers,been in Pageants,been on honor rolls,been an Athlete,been given tons of field day awards,gd citizenship award, & much much much more! God seen potential in my life. 
& I'm going to continue to make the BEST of it! <3

This is my TRUE miraculous Story :):):)

Thank You God 4 this everyday miracle...

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