The Trailer

I was in an accident at work a 17 ton trailer rolled off the bay at work and trapped me against my 17 ton truckThe trailer crushed my ribs breaking the at the fron and back i managwd to turn to try and move the trailer it wouldnt move.i thought my life was over and i heard this voice by the side of me saying come on our kid one big push and your out i looked to left and it was my brother the trailer moved just enough for me to get out.i turned back and hed gone my brothet died 5 years ago.i havent told anybody because they might think im mad theres no way i moved that trailer i couldnt i was dieing.i couldnt even breath i no wat i saw and i no he helped not religous in any way shape or form but this has changed my way of thinking and the only thing i can say is thanks jim love and miss you bro 


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