The Little Girl

My boyfriend had been working in another city one night with a friend of his. It started to storm so they decided to come home early. It was cold, the rain was really coming down, there was lightning, thunder the whole works. They were almost home, his friend just lived a little way past our house, when they saw a little old lady walking in the midst of all that rain. He couldn't let her walk in that storm so he stopped and gave her a ride. She lived in the opposite direction that he was going, it was a little out of the way and down a road that he wouldn't have ordinarily gone down for any other purpose. After he dropped the lady off he turned to his friend and said,"Well, there's my good deed for the day".  Little did he know that his good deed was yet to come.

As he pulled onto the road,  he saw a little girl about 13,  walking down the road in the rain shivering, and obviously upset. He couldn't believe this little girl was out there in the weather at that time of night.  She was walking pretty close to the road and would have been hard to spot if someone would have been driving even 25 m.p.h.  She was actually hard for my boyfriend to see and he was barely moving at all.  He, being the father that he is, got worried about this little girl and stopped alongside her. He asked her what she was doing walking at night in the rain.  She got a little rude and answered with, " If you must know, I ran away from home."  This confused him and he told her to walk into the empty parking lot across the street from where they were talking. The little girl obeyed and waited for him while he pulled into a spot. This is incredible to me because she didnt know him or his friend with him at all and this child did everything he told her to do. He asked her the reasons she ran away from home and she gave them to him, she had been seeing a much older boy and her parents found out about it. They, needless to say, weren't happy with the situation and were putting an end to it.  The girl was punished and wasn't happy about it so she decided to leave.  My boyfriend asked the little girl for her parent's number, so he could call them and let them know that she was fine, but she wouldn't give it to him.  He gave her the option of giving him the number or he would have no choice but to call the police. She finally gave him the number. He called her parents and her mom answered the phone. She was quite upset and worried. He gave them the location and they were on the way. Before the parents got there, the girl told him that  if she would have known she wouldn't go to hell, she would have comitted suicide. This crushed my boyfriend because one of the most important people in his life comitted suicide, and he has lived with the painful thought that if he could have done something to help or if he could have said something differently, that person would be alive today. If he could have just changed his mind, things would be different.  The little girls parents arrived and they were so thankful that she was okay, I dont think they were even mad at her anymore for running away.

This story had a happy ending, but if my boyfriend wouldn't have been the one to find that little girl, this story could have turned out quite differently. She did everything he asked her to do and never once questioned him about who he was or why he was concerned. She could just as easily come across someone not so nice, not so worried and who knows what would have happened to her. She could have easily been hit and killed by a passerby who couldn't see her in all of the darkness and rain.
What stands out in my mind is that had it not been for him stopping to help the little old lady walking home in the rain, he would have never been down that road to help her.

It makes you wonder did God send him to help her? Did she say a prayer out there scared in the cold and rain? Did God hear her tiny voice and choose my boyfriend for a reason? Is it possible that the little old lady had anything to do with it?  Maybe he put her there for a reason, too. God works in mysterious ways.  I know that it touched my boyfriends heart to be able to help this family get their little girl back, and to keep her from harm of others but more importantly in my eyes from harming herself. She is alive and well and I know that my boyfriend was sent down that road by God, I just pray that one day the little girl will realize it too.

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