Our Angel Story
By: Jan

I would love to share this story which was recently experienced between myself and my dear friend/chosen sister....We are about 1500 miles away.....give or take.  My sister was pregnant....approximately 22/23 weeks.  We have only met online but have this connection which we have recognized as spiritual.  We know what each other is thinking.....how the other is feeling and aid each other when we see that one of us is upset.  We share more than just an online relationship...we write to one another....sent gifts to each other and cards.  We share a lot in common however, our spirits are the thing that really connects us. We have been brought together by God, our faith has brought great things to us.....not material.....spiritual enlightening things.

I remember the day very clearly when she was talking to me here on the computer.  She told me she was having some real problems.....there was swelling....headaches and vomiting.  I could sense my sister was saying goodbye to me and I wouldn't have that.....not 1 bit. I had a strong feeling what would develop.  My fears were confirmed.....however....even though the outcome isn't what she or I expected.....there was a miracle just the same.

My sister needed to be taken via Medi-flight to a hospital that dealt with neonatal emergencies.  I had no contact with her for days.  There were some angels though sent to keep me abreast of her condition and her daughters condition.  I had gotten word that my dear sisters baby went to heaven......to say I was heartbroken for her would be a definite understatement.  I cannot explain how it felt ...... devastating.....

Then the word came....the word I thought I would never hear "She may not make it either".  I felt like my heart and soul had died at that very moment.  What could I do 1500 miles away.....well the only thing I knew to do was to pray the hardest I had ever prayed to God.  Please don't take her from us God.....surely you wont do that.  I prayed for what seemed forever and ever.

I found my faith on that day....something I had buried long ago.....even though I was tormented with the fact that I may lose my dear sister.....I continued to believe that God heard every word that came from my mouth.....he felt every tear I shed.....he experience with me the hole left in my heart and soul.

Something miraculous happened.....

My sister returned to us.....broken, hurt, shattered......but she returned just the same.  She told me of this experience she had.  She had coded out 2 times.......died....they needed to resuscitate her.....well.....My dear sister told me when she died....she knew what was happening....she felt herself come out from her own body....it was very peaceful....even inviting...but (yes there's that but) she heard a voice calling her back....and if you can believe this.....my voice.....she actually heard what I prayed word for word....and she decided within that instant to follow the instructions to come back and not leave us.  I know she heard all the other prayers also....they aided in returning her to us....I was not the lone person praying.  She listened to all our prayers and came home to us....where she belongs.

I know you'll read this my dear sister.....I may not have accounted everything in fine detail....I wanted the world to know there are angels among us and they are protecting us along with God.  There was more than 1 miracle that happened here.....first and foremost.....my faith returned to me and I am forever thankful for having this experience....even though it took tragedy for me to give my heart to God.....and the other was the grand return of my dear sister.....I will love you forever.....

Since that time.....great things have occurred.  Through prayer and faith fears have been abolished and God has seen fit to answer our prayers.  God really listens......all the time. We as human beings just may not always understand the answers God give to us.  So have faith in God and believe that he hears you.........I believe.  God Bless and keep you all.....

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