I Am Saved
By: Anonymous

I was very ill mentally & physically. My relationship with a a very manipulative mis-directed person 
stress at work, bullying, harassment & discrimination had taken their toll. I was having a total break down.
I was suicidal, I had had enough of pain. (the Demons had got me)

I heard a song on the radio, and the lyrics were 
"All my dreams have fallen down 
Crawling around 
somebody save me 
And two warm hands break right through me 
Somebody save me 
I don't care how you do it "

I stood in the rain my face towards the sky & a begged for someone, anyone to save me.
my life got slightly worse before it got better, I took an overdose to escape my cruel 
tormentor, but I woke up in hospital surprised that I wasn't dead, & even more surprised I hadn't destroyed my liver.

But I knew that was the lowest I was going to go & I wasn't going any further down.
life got better, in fact my whole life changed. I left the tormentor, met & fell in love with 
an amazing gentle soul who is now my husband.

I've always known that through my turbulent life someone has been watching over me...
Three months after my wedding I had a severe asthma attack, I was at the hospital & stable 
my husband had gone home. At 3am I collapsed I was dying & I knew it. 
My vision became pixellated & everything was slipping away, I was fighting as hard as I could to stay alive, 
now I had something & someone really worth living for. 
All the medical staff were rushing around putting drips in & massive amounts of  steroids.
I felt like all my skin was burning off, all I could think of was I'll never see my Mum Dad or Sister again.
It struck me that I had only been married three months & my husband was about to become a widower.
I prayed to God to save me. I knew I was dying by the people standing watching me go unconscious & then they would put a tube into my lungs to try to save me. I called out to Heaven & begged for help. Praying, Please God save me. I didn't go unconscious. I was extremely ill & in hospital for five days, but with the whole time feeling 
like I was being watched over. 
That was three years ago now, God & the Angels & Jesus are a big part of my life now. 
I get told things, I get helped & I have been completely healed of several long standing illnesses.
I meditate, I pray I listen. My soul has slipped out of my body several times, (intentionally) & twice I have been to 
what I call the Hall of light. When folk say Heaven is a myth - they lie. Heaven is real, I have only seen the outer edges but it is an amazing place pure light & love. The Angels showed me the fabric of the universe (?multiverse) & told me that life as human being was a gift.

My Soul's ambition now is to touch the face of God, because God will not let me go.

Look not down but up, raise your face to God & ask that you might know & love him.
God gives us unconditional love. So we in return should love & trust him unconditionally.
God will not fail you. 
walk in the light & may peace & love banish all the demons from your life 

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