My Husband's cousin is young with a 3 month old baby and was just diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her leg.  I felt so bad for her. I have been praying for her but this one day, I lit a candle and then began my prayer for her.
While I was praying, the candle began flickering. Instantly, I thought the flickering candle meant that God was hearing me. Then I thought that it was flickering because I was talking.  Of course, my breath is what was making it flicker.  However, when I tested that theory and blew on the candle, the flame remained steady.   I continued with my prayer and the flame once again began to flicker.  This happened three times because I just couldn't believe that the flame would remain still while I was blowing on it!
The day before I had this experience with the candle, I had to scoot a washing machine over a few inches and I couldn't get it to budge.  Being the stubborn person
that I am, I pushed and pulled and did everything Icould think of. Finally, I moved it but not without considerable pain in my back.  That night was when I prayed and God showed me that he had heard.  When I went to bed I could hardly sleep for the pain in my back and didn't want to take any medicine because I had to get to work early in the morning.  I said another silent prayer for my husband's cousin and offered up my pain for her and instantly the pain vanished.
I had asked my mom for novenas that I could say for her and she sent me several on the computer.  I lit that very same candle, said a small prayer for the speedy recovery of my husband's cousin and took the candle to the computer with me.  I have two small children and didn't want to take the chance that they might be hurt or knock the candle over.  When I came across the email containing the novenas, the candle
began to flicker.  I scrolled down until I got to the very last novena, and just knew that was the one I wanted.  I didn't even read the whole thing, I just knew it.  I thanked God for helping me and then I blew out the candle.
The following night I told my husband about the washing machine.  He said "Were you trying to throw your back out?  Just do it like this."  He moved it with such ease I felt embarrassed.  I told him I had tried it that way and couldn't get it to move.  "See
watch what happens when I do it your way."  I said.  Wouldn't you know, I was able to move that washer like it was nothing but feathers!
I was touched by God that day and I know that my husband's cousin will be ok.
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