Miracle Healing
By: hamiltonjd@mail.com

 I recently got tested for an STD and the results came back positive, fortunately it wasn't anything terminal, but who wants to walk around with any form of an STD. The traumatic part of this episode for me was the fact that I have just met someone really special and I didn't want to hurt her in anyway, but I had to tell her. We are both saved and understand that fornication is wrong in eyes of GOD but we kept backsliding and I was upset because I could have passed something on to her. The night I told her she took it extremely well, and did not reject me like I thought she would. The next day I admitted my sin to GOD and asked to be forgiven in the name of Jesus I also asked to have my body cleansed of any disease afflicting it because I was going to go to see my doctor the following day and be tested again. The Lord is a miracle worker he snatched the disease from my body and it was never transmitted to my girlfriend. We have also chosen to rededicate our lives to the Lord and given up sex until we are blessed with marriage. --
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