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Good Guys Donít Always Finish Last
Superbowl Sunday 
Submitted by: robertnewton11@hotmail.com
GOD'S Love is More Than Enough
God is so good
Submitted by: patience.moabelo@dlm.co.za
God's Work
He spoke to me
Submitted by: Anonymous
The Trail
We were back on the road
Submitted by: othon_kai@yahoo.com
The Holy Land
Jesus was there
Submitted by: yanez1123@gmail.com
Two Stories
Miracles Behind the Wheel
Submitted by: mitchellhusker@comcast.net
God cares
Submitted by: donandsheila2003@yahoo.co.uk
Say a prayer
Submitted by: bebe_poly@yahoo.com
Our Home
My prayers were answered
Submitted by: Alicia.Trujillo@dshs.state.tx.us
My Dad
Watching over us
Submitted by: pkatie@live.com
It's amazing!
Submitted by: firstfridays777@gmail.com
Submitted by: SUZANNEALEXANDER@comcast.net
Angel Is Her Name
God never left me
Submitted by: mercyshiroh1987@yahoo.com
Uncle Robert
God is good
Submitted by: autumnsikorski@yahoo.com
God Is Really Good
He is always there
Submitted by: mswana@tmail.com
The Money Miracle
God listened
Submitted by: rosemarie337@aol.com
Not Even a Flood Could Take Us
"God rocks my world!"
Submitted by: mdbchris@yahoo.com
I Can Run
I asked God to heal me
Submitted by: blondieangel33@aol.com
Two Miracles From God
God has blessed me
Submitted by: Bgarza@ccgcfcu.com
Baking Bread
God watched
Submitted by: rosemarie337@aol.com
A Healing Presence
God was there
Submitted by: rosemarie337@aol.com
God Protected Me From a Rapist
I didn't ask, He knew
Submitted by: rosemarie337@aol.com
My Miracle
When I needed God
Submitted by: caelodonnell-@hotmail.com
God Planned It
God knew
Submitted by: caelodonnell-@hotmail.com
An Aussie Encounter
I knew
Submitted by: caelodonnell-@hotmail.com
"This is Holy"
Submitted by: ljschwat@cableone.net


Miracles Boys
We are blessed
Submitted by: alanwolf@shaw.ca
Taxi Driving
All things are possible
Submitted by: alanwolf@shaw.ca
I can't explain
Submitted by: alanwolf@shaw.ca
God's Sign
All should see it
Submitted by: Anonymous
Three Miracles
God cares
Submitted by: nin_antonio@yahoo.com
Miracle at the Bus Stop
I needed a ride
Submitted by: betmej1@aol.com
With two i's
Submitted by: moises_marquez1@tmail.com
My Sister
She listened
Submitted by: mendez2301@hotmail.com
Job Miracle
He worked a miracle
Submitted by: Victor
More Ways Than One
How many?
Submitted by: mchugharthur@yahoo.com
Five Stories
"God is Love"
Submitted by: lindamorgenstein@yahoo.com
Heaven is Real
So beautiful
 Submitted by: Inspired by God
A Small Miracle in My Exams
God's approach
Submitted by: claudiasibert@gmail.com
On The Road Again
All day trip
Submitted by: Anonymous
A Warning
By the grace of God
Submitted by: rosemarie337@aol.com
Winter Miracle
I was praying...
Submitted by: Susan
God is in charge
Submitted by: ljwagner_online@yahoo.com
Pulling Back
It was a miracle
Submitted by: shjennings2@comcast.net
Was this by God?
Submitted by: sobaka23@yahoo.com
In the Midst of Your Storm
He had called me
Submitted by: Anonymous
She gave a bible to me
Submitted by: accounts@combinedshipping.co.za
Time Stopped
Praise God
Submitted by: Anonymous
Miracle baby
Submitted by: youngmums@live.com
Pulled From the Edge
I have the plate
Submitted by: Anonymous
Special Miracle Child
God didn't give up
Submitted by: jerniquaharris@yahoo.com
Second Chance
It wasnt my time
Submitted by: laurenmarie96@yahoo.co.uk
He saved my life
Submitted by: snuffingirl46@hotmail.com
God Loves Dogs!
God helped me
Submitted by: bettyporter49@gmail.com

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