Miracle Stories
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A Gift From God
A special gift
Submitted by: dtzdpfaff@comcast.net
He never left us
Submitted by: Anonymous
Do you Believe in Miracles?
Hardly a scratch
Submitted by: cappal@hotmail.com
The Thunder Storm
The Hand of God
Submitted by: jrburns0@yahoo.com
I wasn't ready
Submitted by: jamesandsheila94@aol.com
A True Miracle
Do you agree?
Submitted by: Lifechangingmom@yahoo.com
Traveling Miracle
The Christian music
Submitted by: Brown.Jason@mayo.edu
Dreams Really Do Come True
Mom knew
Submitted by: julie.patronas@cityofmobile.org
God Has His Reasons
I understood
Submitted by: minmine@mweb.com.na
Big Waves
Thank you, Jesus 
Submitted by: Anonymous
The Lawnmower
It was a treat
Submitted by: bhelmuth@erieit.edu
Miracle Baby
God answered my prayers
Submitted by: olyapink@gmail.com
A Miracle Story
A very special miracle
Submitted by: passofchrist@sbcglobal.net
The Wind Stopped
With God's protection
Submitted by: Anonymous
Gods Glory From the Start
God saw to it
Submitted by: Wandy2178@aol.com
A True Miracle
The Hand of God
Submitted by: Jlg19566@aol.com
A Friend
God gave me a friend
Submitted by: lisa.march@shaw.ca
God Answers
An awesome God
Submitted by: lilsan32046@peoplepc.com
Look Mommy, There's a Penny
It was proof
 Submitted by: debbielynne@verizon.net
Michaelís Story
The happiest day of my life
Submitted by: dmduncan@optonline.net
I knew I Wouldn't get Terry's Call
Terry heard me
Submitted by: debbielynne@verizon.net
God Saved Me
God Saved me with His Love
Submitted by: Anonymous
Jesus Showed Me
He made me understand
Submitted by: marypioneercatholic@cox.net
A True Miracle
I was blessed
Submitted by: ajiotal@aol.com

My Son, The Early Bird
God stayed with me
Submitted by: jmemon276@yahoo.com
He was there
Submitted by: 03fergusonk@haydonbridgehigh.org.uk
God Used Me
He helped me understand
Submitted by: dothindz@yahoo.com
God's Healing Presence
I have faith
Submitted by: mg_2110@yahoo.com
A Soft Landing From Above
I wasn't hurt
Submitted by: jbcricket@hotmail.com
A gift from God
Submitted by: Anonymous
I received an answer
Submitted by: tiffanyklimek@optusnet.com.au
The Lord Healed Me
I prayed....
Submitted by: Anonymous
God Used My Dog
My dog, Katie
Submitted by: djecomputer@yahoo.com
Our Dog Miracle
God answered our prayers
Submitted by: tonya@narrowwayinc.net
My Grandma, Still a Fighter
God helped my Grandma
Submitted by: soccerboccer4@yahoo.com
The Butterfly
My mom saw a butterfly
Submitted by: Anonymous
He saw God
Submitted by: Anonymous
Lucky to Be Alive
I was carried by the sea
Submitted by: charmaine_scicluna@yahoo.com
On The Tracks
All of us were protected
Submitted by: taylormarieellsworth@yahoo.com
A Cry For Her Dad
God answered my prayers
Submitted by: o.steele1276@sbcglobal.net
God Is Real
God answered my prayer
Submitted by: brendajimenez@comcast.net
Real Life Miracle
My prayer was answered
Submitted by: atanas@mymelody.com
The Truck
It was just set down
Submitted by: Trg81164@aol.com
My Healing
I am blessed
Submitted by: dwehmeyer2@austin.rr.com
The Embrace
The wind was warm
Submitted by: a.fradue@yahoo.com
Close Call
My dad kept his promise
Submitted by: BOA.CapitolTourGuide@state.sd.us
Smiling Face
Who was that man?
Submitted by: 4of9@alltel.net
God's Perfect Peace
God knew
Submitted by: pruittjanice@att.net
The Man
I wasn't hungry
Submitted by: mota.michael@gmail.com
Christmas Miracle
Jesus, on His birthday
Submitted by: harrisjoanne@sky.com
Miracle Baby
She was a miracle
Submitted by: rrdm782003@yahoo.com
Logan's Horse
God heard my prayers
Submitted by: polarized.nations@gmail.com

My Miracle Story
What God did for me.
Submitted by: RoCkin x ShaWtii@aol.com
A Penny For Your Thoughts
God made me realize
Submitted by: jessewalker365@hotmail.com
God told me to breathe into her face
Submitted by: Craftleary@aol.com
I told Jesus, "No"
Submitted by: kerkes@msn.com
God was with me
Submitted by: FJINKA@aol.com
My Child
The first word he said was ...
Submitted by: kerkes@msn.com
For School's Sake
My Grandma's funeral
Submitted by: thoserespectful@hotmail.com
The Perfect Landing
My car stopped
Submitted by: jcs@preferred.com
My Dad
A very special gift
Submitted by: czarina_atenia@yahoo.com
My Story
God Provided
Submitted by: Sgtyranny@aol.com
Two Years Later
What God said to me
Submitted by: charlton5@clear.net.nz
The Tramp
The sacrifice made
Submitted by: Buzz_1658@Hotmail.com
My Grandmother Stayed
 My grandmother helped us
Submitted by: Sef4457@aol.com
The Power of Prayer
God is just a prayer away
Submitted by: laura_rox23@hotmail.com
Miracles do Happen
God Helped Me
Submitted by: Donaldddoubled@aol.com
My Story
God saved my son
Submitted by: Mommyofchasskids@aol.com
My Miracle Story
He had a dream
Submitted by: B02LSurgey@emmanuel.nottingham.sch.uk
Being Watched Over
God and His Angels
Submitted by: michelleleekim@webspeed.dk
A Rose Bloomed in November
Was it my dad?
Submitted by: zag3@centurytel.net
My Miracle
God heard our prayers
Submitted by: beattfs@students.hale.wa.edu.au
My Story
Jesus came to get me
Submitted by: Cienadawn@aol.com
Christine's Angel
God was with her
Submitted by: pjwalker@cableone.net
The Little Car That Saved Our Lives
An answered prayer
Submitted By: mrandmrsm@sofnet.com
With Love, Uncle George
My Uncle George
Submitted by: patchz537@yahoo.com
He Loves Just Me
I am sure
Submitted by: skfloyd@yucca.net
My Miracle
I was spared
Submitted by:ANNALYSA1999@peoplepc.com
The Hand Of God
God's Hand on my son
Submitted by: BrarRab32@aol.com
A Tornado Took my Baby
God brought my baby back
Submitted by: lilackisses230293@btinternet.com
The Skillet
The fire raged
Submitted by:dnf@nts-online.net
Diana's Army
She put in the hands of her Army
Submitted by: jnichols13@cox.net
My Miracle Story
Commune with God
 Submitted by: Anonymous
My Miracle Story
A hug from God
    Submitted by: Ainglkiss@aol.com
My Miracle Story
       God healed this young woman.
      Submitted by: Mercyfruit@aol.com
My Miracle Story
  Did God save her life?
         Submitted by: Fdwmom@aol.com
My Miracle Story
  She was unable to write. Did God help her?
       Submitted by: Mystifys@aol.com
My Miracle Story
God's healing powers
Submitted by: Mishacc@aol.com
My Granddaughter
God told me she would be fine.
Submitted by: Jaden401@aol.com
My Miracle Story
God saved her life
Submitted by:kbnunicorn@yahoo.com
My Miracle Story
The Hand of God 
protected her son.
Submitted by: Amekanpi@aol.com
My Miracle Story
Praise God for protecting my son.
Submitted by: HWilli4798@aol.com
My Miracle Story
"Thank God for His Hand on my children"
Submitted by: J E Lile@aol.com
My Miracle Story
God spoke me and saved my infant
Submitted by: hmarsh@mind.net
My Miracle Story
My dad spoke to us.
Submitted by:INUSSU@aol.com
My Miracle Story
The Power of Prayer saved my brother's life
Submitted by: hmarsh@mind.net
My Miracle Story
I saw Jesus!
Submitted by:alm412@excite.com
God gave me a baby.
Submitted by: Funy35@aol.com
My Miracle Story
My grandma said that she was ready to see God.
Submitted by: Gavilanes1@aol.com
My Miracle Story
God made His presence known when I needed Him the most.
Submitted by:Lwanger@aol.com
My Miracle Story
She heard a voice and felt her hair move.
Submitted by: Greenbla@aol.com
My MiracleStory
God saved my brother
Submitted by: LindaSeay52@cs.com
My Miracle Story
The Hand Of God helped my sister
Submitted by:jcbwalther@dellnet.com
My Gift From Above
Jesus carried me
Submitted by:bkanab30@yahoo.com
My Miracle Story
In God We Trust
Submitted by:Manga2107@aol.com
Miracle From God 
Who Sent the money?
Submitted by:Manga2107@aol.com
My Grandpa and the Long Good-bye
My Grandpa is still with me
Submitted by:K9CAR4@aol.com
My Miracle Story
God gave a second chance
Submitted by:Baybgrl2000@aol.com
My Daughter is a Miracle
The miracles for her daughter
  Submitted by:essieang@yahoo.ca
The Angel That Saved My Son
God had a plan for him
Submitted by:essieang@yahoo.ca
My Miracle Story
God gave her a miracle child
Submitted by:rhooper1@meta3.net
Messages From Dad
What was her dad trying to say?
Submitted by:therock@usaor.net
My Miracle Story
My Rosary turned gold.
Submitted by:S3BEL@aol.com
God, This is Your Call!
That's what we say now and forever
Submitted by: msfixit@northweb.com
My Miracle Story
Who told me it would be all right?
Submitted By:Rodzalices@aol.com
God's Path
It's amazing what God did for me
Submitted by:ANGELPM7@aol.com
Traumatic Brain Injury
God saw me through numerous surgeries
Submitted by:BStanziana@aol.com
God's Miracle
A must read.  Just amazing.
Submitted by:SJUCA@email.msn.com
My Little Miracle
It's a miracle!
Submitted by:sayers@ncp.net
God touched her
Submitted by:ilovecows@prodigy.net
In The Midst
God saved our precious daughter
By: kristi@gulfpak.com
My Miracle Story
God showed an orange to me
Submitted by:doju@penn.com
My Miracle Story
God Caught Me.
Submitted by:Anonymous
Our Story
God heard my prayer. 
Submitted by: Jan
 Miracle Baby
Thank you, God.
Submitted by:Punkin1384@cs.com
The Miracle of Conversion
I heard my mother
Submitted by:jnichols18@juno.com
My Story
God proved He was with me
Submitted by: Sweet Angel
The Miracle of the Roses
God is with me
Submitted by: Sweet Angel
My Miracle Story
Jesus said, "Pick up the flower"
Submitted by:Anonymous
The Miracle of the Roses
The roses kept blooming
Submitted by:ligurina@hotmail.com 
The Candle
God heard my prayers
Submitted by: i_bewitch2@yahoo.com
My Toddling Miracle
God saved our baby
Submitted by: JsRae3@msn.com
Our Lady of Guadelupe
What did I see?
Submitted by: yankeeb@home.com
God's Miracle for Mike
God has plans for Mike
Submitted by:MommyLady5150@aol.com
Hot Water
She spilled boiling water on herself
Submitted by: SweetThing873994@aol.com
Rainbows and Prayers
God answered her
Submitted by:cjay@epsi.net
Miracles of the Used Cars
Twice they were spared
Submitted by:S72tawz@aol.com
The Dead Mushroom
Submitted by: JWBairdRacing@aol.com
My Miracle Story
Just a coincidence?
Submitted by: myko@gw.fis.NCSU.EDU
My Double Miracle
God gave me two
Submitted by: Octoberangels@aol.com
An Answer to a Prayer
How did God answer her prayers?
Submitted by: prothbe@ncinternet.net
The Rosary
A beautiful story
Submitted by: IMELDARBENNETT@prodigy.net
God had other ideas
Submitted by: Y2qtennis@cs.com
My Son
My son was hurt
Submitted by: Banuuks@aol.com
My Miracle
Just in time
Submitted by: JOHNNA71@msn.com
My Miracle
Who fixed my car?
Submitted by: JOHNNA71@msn.com
Your Kids Belong To God! 
Let Him Have Them!
A beautiful story of one boy's faith
Submitted by: Treava
Miracle Mike
An amazing story
Submitted by: curlyq3819@yahoo.com
God Saved My Friend
God saved Pratt
Submitted by: superdan1144@yahoo.com
My Ride Home
God sent His angel
Submitted by: jjtyrrell@wcta.net
My Miracle Story
They got right with Our Lord
Submitted by: AAwJns@aol.com
Three Little Angels
God gave me three miracles
Submitted by: awilson@kimball.com
The Dream
What's in a dream?
Submitted by: Anonymous
My Toe
Did God hear me?
Submitted by: ruthkim68@hotmail.com
A Korean Pastor's Testimony
I died
Submitted by: ruthkim68@hotmail.com
Heal My Pain
Jesus Appeared in My Dream to Heal My Pain
Submitted by: ruthkim68@hotmail.com
My First Miracle
I understand 
Submitted by: ruthkim68@hotmail.com
Nora Marlene
Touched by God
Submitted by: deusl0v0lt@msn.com
My Miracle
She was hit by a truck
Submitted by: PLilly1956@aol.com
God's Presence
I listened to God
Submitted by: KnnthSpec@aol.com
My Miracle
God sent him
Submitted by: mcross@ev1.net
Marian Miracle
How did they find it?
Submitted by:  Anonymous
My Miracle
God saved my brother
Submitted by: millhev2@cox.net
Our Little Angel
It's an amazing story.  Against all odds
   Submitted by: geneandtammy@charter.net
Divine Intervention
God sent help in our time of need
Submitted by: chambliss6@hotmail.com
My Destiny
Submitted by:npidestiny@aol.com
The Thunderstorm
God showed His love
Submitted by: Brl14mustang@aol.com
I was painting and ....
Submitted by: amyjamin@aol.com
The Jeep
We had an accident
Submitted by: wolfies_baby1@excite.com
An Instant Answer
God answered a prayer
Submitted by: jesuschick333@yahoo.com
The  power of prayer
Submitted by: harjulavita@yahoo.com
What God Did For Me
God saved her life and her faith 
Submitted by: faith0263@yahoo.com.au 
A Huge Arm
Was it God?
Submitted by: Shawn
Our Champion
The power of prayer
Submitted by: im_here_58@hotmail.com 
The Driver's Seat
Who is driving?
Submitted by: joeijeffries77@hotmail.com
Experience With the Love of God
God heals!
Submitted by: devildisturber12000@yahoo.com
God Used My Daughters to Save my Life
My dughters prayed for me
Submitted by: Joy_Jeffries@tac-americas.com
He saw Jesus
Submitted by: Lorraine.Walling@comcast.net
My Father
God healed my father
Submitted by: joeijeffries77@hotmail.com
Prayer Answered!
God answered my prayer immediately
Submitted by: jaysbuns@hotmail.com
My Encouragement From A Balloon
Thank you, God
Submitted by: YSStevenson@aol.com
The Clock
The tear of Jesus
Submitted by: pas@vci.net
My Best Friend
God told me...
Submitted by: Eebac@aol.com
God brought us together
Submitted by: mattdenisa@yahoo.com
My Son
It was a miracle
Submitted by: allagle@surf-ici.com
God's Love
A Hug From God
Submitted by: brandondorsey@student.rsu.edu
Miracle Healing
I was blessed
Submitted by: hamiltonjd@mail.com
I Got A Do-Over
God Listened
Submitted by: delayna@hotmail.com
I Was Lost
Was it God?
Submitted by: babygrlbabyboy@hotmail.com
God Still Does Miracles
The power of prayer
Submitted by: KarenLumpkin@cs.com
The Little Girl
Was it the lady?
Submitted by: JadanRae22@aol.com
Did she really hear?
Submitted by: dacravens@comcast.net
From Head to Heart
I know now
Submitted by: RTartaglia@australianunity.com.au
The Brick Wall
I didn't see the brick wall
Submitted by: Eeyorebaby1592@aol.com
The Power of Prayer
God's work
Submitted by: paawpaw42@aol.com
The Accident
The Hand of God
Submitted by: Loecadorette@aol.com
Godís Perfect Timing
A miracle of love
Submitted by: denobarroga@hotmail.com
Without a Word
She sat beside me
Submitted by: ocarroll@students.kennesaw.edu
The Raven and the Hawk
It was a sign
Submitted by: mtntop@nwinfo.net
The Two Men
God answered our prayer
Submitted by: ocarroll@students.kennesaw.edu
And God Said
I died and ...
Submitted by IShine4JC@aol.com
The Church
The door was opened
Submitted by: Waed8@aol.com
Grandpa Aziz
It wasn't his time
Submitted by: Waed8@aol.com
The Dune Buggy
How did I know?
Submitted by: joelevel3@elp.rr.com
Falling Stars
God is there
Submitted by: joelevel3@elp.rr.com
My Miraculous Story
God has a plan
Submitted by: Msmeg1223@aol.com
The Hot Tub
I could have been electrocuted
Submitted by: angela_girlie@hotmail.com
A Promise Fulfilled
God works wonders
Submitted By: Joyce
A Cry For Help
It changed my life
Submitted by: Yincharge@aol.com
The Test
All it took was prayer
Submitted by: Tiffany
The Accident
He watched over me
Submitted by: UrANGEL8510@aol.com
For My Grandmother
 Nani was there
Submitted by: thoward@amserv.com
My Daddy
 God's mercy
By: 206581-10@charter.net
God's Mighty Arm Rescues
God saved my son
Submitted by: harry_francis_2000@yahoo.com 
A Crisis
God knew
Submitted by: cay0788@yahoo.com
Signs from God on Mission Trip
God answered  my prayer
Submitted by: MorganW85@aol.com
Small Miracle
A prayer answered
Submitted by: mercy2004@comcast.net
My Dad
My dad was waiting
Submitted by: Daperaprap@aol.com
My daughter, my miracle
Submitted by: bijoux07@aol.com
Depend on God
God was always there 
Submitted by:samonline@optonline.net
The Time
Where did the time go?
Submitted by: tpuente01@earthlink.net
I Prayed
God showed me how to pray
Submitted by: Anonymous

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