Miracle Healing of a Dog
By: heartsforhorses@yahoo.com
I have been an animal lover all my life and have always had a special connection with them. I am a Christian and have had numerous  miracle experiences involving animals and people. I have a special love for horses and animal rescue. One story that is especially close to my heart is about Tuffy, a redbone hunting dog.  Tuffy was about 10 years old when I was introduced to him. He spent his entire life on a 6 foot chain attached to a wooden box with a hole in it. This is a common practice for hunting dogs, the only time they are let off the chain is when they are actually hunting, bobcats, bear and cougars. I answered an ad in the paper looking for someone to feed their hounds while they were away. I responded and even though it was really not enough money to make it worth my time, I felt compelled to do it anyway. There were only 4 dogs to feed and they were all a deep red color except for one odd ball. He was white with a few red spots. His name was Tuffy and he was very afraid of people.  Each dog had his own wooden box with an attached chain. This was their entire existence being fed about one cup of dry kibble a day which they inhaled the moment you put it in their bowl.  The dogs loved attention and were very friendly and loving except for Tuffy. He was very afraid of people.  He would try to go as far away as his chain would let him and if you went up to him, he would cower down and shiver.  Tuffy had the most sad but loving eyes and my heart just went out to him.  I would sit on top of his dog house for hours upon end and talk to him to no avail. He was just to frightened to come up to me.  One day I found out Tuffy’s owner was sent to prison and the dogs needed a home. The other three went to a hunting home but because of Tuffy’s age, he was not placed. I decided to take him in. I was told he could never be let off the chain, or he would run away, he could never be let in the house or he would pee on everything and he could never be a pet because he was a hunting dog.

Well, after having him on the chain for a few days, I decided to let him off to see what would happen. At first he ran around the property but he did come back. He seemed to know that I loved him and wanted to give him a freedom he never before experienced. It was at that time when he came up to me for the first time and laid at my feet with nothing but pure love in his eyes. I loved on him of course and then let him in my house and the rest is history. He is the most loving and loyal dog. I take him in the car with me when I go to town and he just loves to be with me. I never need a leash when I go for a walk or let him out of the car. He listens to me when I call him and does anything I ask of him.  When I first took on Tuffy, he had bleeding tumors on his testicles and a big red growth on his nose. The vet told me it was cancer which was common with intact dogs. The vet told me to just feed him whatever he wanted and make him as comfortable as possible because he didn’t have long to live.  She said there was nothing we could do because of the advanced stage. As time went on, I grew to love Tuffy very much and I prayed for God to heal this very special dog.  At this time he had several open tumors on his testicles that would bleed and the blood would run down his legs. He had deep purple growths all along his penile area. The growth on the side of his nose was about the size of a nickel that was open and bloody. It just broke my heart. We didn’t have allot of money for vet care but in his case it didn’t matter anyway because his cancer was so advanced, there was nothing the vets could do anyway.   God answers prayer!!! As I write this , Tuffy’s tumors are all gone. Even the one on his nose is completely gone. His testicles are completely normal looking. At first as his tumors seemed to be getting smaller, I thought I was imagining what I wanted to see but as each day passed, it was more and more clear that God was healing Tuffy’s cancer! Most people I tell this story to look at me like I am crazy and don’t believe me, but that’s ok. I know it is true and give God the glory. There are many people who have witnessed Tuffy’s tumors and see him now that know its true.   As I said before, I am an animal lover and have many experiences of divine intervention involving horses , dogs  and even wildlife.  I just thought I would share one with you to put a ray of sunshine on your heart if you are an animal lover as I am.   

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