God's Mighty Arm Rescues
By: harry_francis_2000@yahoo.com
Hi, I am Harry  Hyderabad, India. I married a believer on 30th December, 1998. Right from our marriage, we wanted a child, so we started praying and when God confirmed us with a child, we were very happy. Right from the 1st month, we used to go for regular checkups. Things were alright. God even gave a name for our baby (Joshua) right in the 5th month
itself. So we firmly knew that God is going to bless this baby and this baby will one day be a mightly preacher who will bring the good news of Jesus to many nations.

In the 8th month, when we went for the monthly checkup, my wife's BP shot up and immediately she was admitted in the hospital. It was just 8th month and we were not prepared for the baby as yet. The doctor monitored her BP the whole night and told us that by next morning, a C-section should be performed and the baby should be taken out. On 1st of April, Joshua was born with good health and the mother was also safe. On the 3rd day, the baby developed Jaundice. The doctor
asked us to keep the baby in the UV light or show the baby in the sunlight for some time. We did not take it seriously. That night, I stayed along with my mom in the hospital. My wife, me and my mother were in the hospital, at around 2:00 in the night, we saw the baby turning blue. Starting from the feet the baby started changning color. Slowly towards the thighs and then towards the trunk, slowly the hands started turning blue, by the time we realised, the baby was compeltely blue. We were scared, I ran down to call the doctor, the nurse on duty came, she saw the baby and  mmediately, (God must have given her that presence of mind) she carried the baby upside down and started hitting the baby hard. The baby,for few seconds, did not cry, she hit the baby still more harder, then the baby started crying. By then the doctor came in, she
saw the condition of the baby and then asked us to immediately rush the baby to another big hospital which was 4 kilometers away from this place. It was 3:00 in the night, there was no ambulance that night, as there were many emergency cases, so with no other transport, I had to take my mother on the bike, she carried the baby in her hands and we started to the hospital on the bike. while we were travelling, the wheels got punctured, but still i drove on. It was a very difficult situation and we were remembering the promises of God. The entire Psalm 46 was going on in our heads.
We reached the hopital in 30 minutes time and the doctors rushed to the emergency room along with the baby. Then one doctor (the pediatrist) asked us to get one injection (which generally the hospital keeps stock, but that day it got over and they are expecting it in the morning) immediately. It was 3:30 in the night and we started insearch of that injection. We
literally went around entire city to see which shops were open and to find out about the medicine. By the time we went round the entire city it was 5:00 am in the morning. We did not get the medicine. We went to the hospital very discouraged and praying. Then once we entered the hospital, the doctor told us that they had only one injection in the emergency room and they administered that injection to the child. The child is now safe. The child was in the NICU for 7 days.

Every day, the doctors told us some problem or the other. On the 7th day, we (the entire family) prayed and we decided that we will discharge the child and take him home. God is going to heal the child. His name is Joshua and God will give him victory on the 7th day. So with faith, we discharged the child and claiming the promises of God we went home, the child
got well in another week and he was fine.

Now, Joshua is 4.5 years and he is studying in a school nearby. He is singing nice songs for the glory of God. God used him as a testimony in the entire family. Those who did not believe in Jesus earlier, now trust in Jesus because of the miracle that happend in our family. Praise God for what he is and for what he does.

Now I am blessed with two children, and God is so faithful. He is fulfilling his promises in our life and bringing us still more close to him.

I request all of you who read this miracle pray for my family (My wife, Johsua, my child, and me) that God
will protect us and use us for the extension of his kingdom.

God Bless You.


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